Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ghost Speaking

I am the ghost  of Malachi and my ship past the Negotiation test and has continued their journey to the new world.I hope that they find out that I am hunting the ship.I will always fallow them and if I want to I can pa-zest  them and take over their body and take total control of their body.I still want my share of the treasures they find.

My Goals For the New Year

My goals are 

Eat right 
Watch less TV 
Play less video games 
Do more stuff  out doors 
Read more books every day
Spend more time with my sister
Spend more time at home with stuff
Eat more healthy things for lunch
Achieve more awards at school
Watch a lot more movies 
Don't kick the bucket 
Play outside more 
Be nice more 
I don't want to kick the bucket because I want to live to have grand kids.I think that you should not kick the bucket.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Life And Death

Today I had to use my common sense to keep my crew alive but every thing turned out alright.We had a supplies check and past we were so exited to have past and not lost food.I am  hoping we can make it to the "New World" safely.We will try our best to stay on our feet and pass the supplies test and the navigation test.