Thursday, September 25, 2014


  Ladies and Gentlemen,

        I learned that there are many volcanoes.The lava is around 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. If  you touched it you would lose your finger and that includes your bone.

          Earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates that  crash together.One tectonic plate will go over the other,causing the lower one to go under,that makes it go into the magma and melt.There is also another kind of earthquake that makes the land separate.
           Earthquakes change the surface of earth because they cause mountains to form and can make volcanoes.The islands of Hawaii are all volcanoes that were made by magma coming out .
           Earthquakes cause a lot of damage because they create fires and make buildings and houses to fall down.The fire is a dangerous thing because  they make it to where people can't get out of their houses.
           It is important for people to know a lot about earthquakes.They can prepare for it,like have a pillowcase to put important stuff in like food,clothes,and water.They will have to prepare for a tsunami to.

           Most earthquakes occur by the fault line.That is were the tectonic plates will mostly crash which causes the earthquakes.

           Tsunamis are caused by an earthquake that happens in the ocean.It creates a giant wave that becomes a wall of water before it crashes on the shore.It causes a lot of damage.

            A volcano is a mountain that has magma inside of it  and erupts out lava.It will damage anything in its way.If you don't leave the town you will die because it will burn you.


Thursday, September 4, 2014


    It is a mixture because you can
separate it back to what it was before.
They are all solids.There is dirt in the
bag and that is the chex  mix.There is
every color in the rain bow.There are
squares and circles.More of it is healthy.
On a beach it would not be safe.Or a play